Recreational Drone Use Might Lead to Injuries

Published on May 17th, 2019

Am I responsible for injuries caused by my flyaway drone?

Each day, you encounter numerous risks just walking down the street. You can be struck by a vehicle, slip on a poorly maintained sidewalk or be bitten by a passing dog. With the increasing popularity of drone use by the public, a new threat to your health and safety can come from above.

Drones — remotely controlled unmanned aircrafts — can be difficult to control, especially if the user is inexperienced, the drone is defective or damaged or the weather is not good.. A wayward drone could potentially land anywhere (one recently did on the grounds of the White House). It could fall on you or a loved one, possibly causing injuries.

According to one teacher of classes about unmanned aerial systems, an object flying at 400 feet, going about 140 miles per hour, would hit the ground with 2,200 pounds of force. That can be twice the force delivered in a punch from a top level boxer (studies show ranges of 447 to 1,300 pounds of force depending on weight class and skill level).

People using drones recreationally sometimes lose control of them, and the drones fly away never to be seen again. The Federal Aviation Administration has urged novice operators to avoid flying too close to planes and crowds.

There is a Chicago Area Drone User Group, and its organizer suggests keeping your drone under 400 feet. He mentioned Bluetooth devices that can help locate a drone within 100 yards, and a programming feature that would send the drone back to where it took off.

Accidents involving drones have been reported around the country, including crashes into buildings. Their frequency certainly might increase as more people become interested in drone use as a hobby.

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