The signs of a drunk driver

Published on May 18th, 2019

Encountering a drunk driver on an Illinois road is an experience that most people would rather avoid. However, there are steps that a person can take if he or she sees a drunk or impaired motorist on the road. For instance, it is a good idea to call 911 and seek assistance from a police officer. While talking to the dispatcher, give as much detail as possible, including the location where the call is being made.

Furthermore, provide the make and model of vehicle that is being driven erratically. It is generally not a good idea to follow the vehicle as it could brake, turn or accelerate erratically. There are many signs that a person may be impaired while operating a motor vehicle. For instance, the car may stop for no reason or fail to stop for a traffic control light or sign. An impaired driver may also be operating his or her vehicle on the wrong side of the road.

Safe drivers should never get behind the wheel while tired. They should also avoid using drugs or alcohol prior to driving somewhere. Furthermore, it’s a good idea for everyone in a car or truck to be wearing a seat belt. Generally speaking, highways are safer than rural roads for those looking to avoid interacting with drunk drivers.

Someone who has been in a collision with another vehicle may need medical care to treat minor or major injuries. Crash injuries can make it difficult to work, go to school or have a reasonable quality of life. With help from a personal injury lawyer, a victim could file a claim for compensation that covers all crash-related damages.

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