Safety measures for traveling the roadways during winter weather

Published on May 18th, 2019

Winter driving conditions can suddenly become hazardous as families travel this time of year to spend holidays with relatives. Drivers in Illinois who are prepared for inclement weather will likely manage better than those who are not prepared for it.

These days, technology can help drivers be safer on the nation’s roadways because many newer vehicles come equipped with things like traction control. It is important for drivers to understand how various safety features of their vehicles work. The National Safety Council and the University of Iowa are trying to educate the public about several newly available safety devices installed on vehicles today. The crusade was dubbed ‘My Car Does What?” and may help give drivers the information they need to travel safely this winter.

It makes sense to check weather and highway reports before heading out on a road trip during the winter, but travelers should know that poor road conditions can appear quickly. When traveling, drivers should be prepared and leave an itinerary with somebody. It is also a good idea to have a mechanic check out a vehicle’s brake system and take a look under the hood at objects like hoses and belts. Drivers should carry emergency equipment such as tires chains, reflectors or flares, jumper cables and a flashlight with replacement batteries. It is wise to pack some high-energy snacks such as nuts and fruit along with drinking water. Warm gear like blankets, mittens, socks and hats may also come in handy.

When wintertime weather becomes dangerous and motor vehicle accidents do occur, it may be beneficial to contact a personal injury attorney for advice. Depending on the situation, the fault may not be placed on any one driver but on poor road conditions or even on a vehicle’s manufacturing defect. In any event, an attorney may help negotiate insurance settlements with the appropriate party.

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