Nursing Home Abuse & Negligence in Illinois: What You Need to Know

Published on May 18th, 2019

How prevalent is nursing home negligence in Illinois? And what signs should I look for?

Nursing home abuse and neglect is sadly emerging as one of the more common personal injury scenarios in the United States. Unfortunately, experts believe that the phenomenon may be even more prevalent than is actually reported – as many victims are simply too frightened or unsure of the scenario to alert authorities or their family members.

In Oak Forest, Illinois, the surviving family members of an alleged victim of nursing home abuse filed a wrongful death action against Symphony of Crestwood, a nursing home located in Crestwood, Illinois. According to allegations, the victim – a 53 year-old woman suffering from extreme multiple sclerosis – was left untended to, resulting in falls, bedsores, and immobility. Due to her physical limitations, she was administered a feeding tube for nutrition. In the spring of 2013, her feeding tube became dislodged – at which point staff reinserted the tube without the use of medical imaging. As a result, the survivors allege, the feeding tube was improperly placed and liquid nutrition spread throughout her body – killing her 11 days later.

In March, 2015, three suspicious deaths occurred at the South Holland nursing home, with one being ruled a homicide. As a result, several staff members were terminated, and police are investigating the facts surrounding the deaths of each elderly resident. With regard to one already ruled a homicide, a 98-year old was administered a fatal dose of pain killers in violation of her prescription and care plan. So far, the causes of death for the other two are listed as “unknown causes,” which could change pending the outcome of the forensic review.

Nursing home abuse and neglect can manifest any number of ways, and could involve any combination of physical, sexual, mental or financial abuse. Unexplained bruising, genital infections, or misplaced fear of facility workers could be a sign that abuse is occurring. Likewise, sudden changes to an estate plan or large asset transfers to a caretaker could indicate undue influence, also known as elder financial abuse.

If you suspect abuse or neglect against your loved one, do not delay – contact authorities immediately. From there, contact the Chicago, Waukegan and McHenry, Illinois nursing home abuse attorneys at Ryan Ryan & Viglione, to get started on a personal injury lawsuit on behalf of the victim. You can reach our office by calling (847)244-1436 today.

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