Important steps to take following a car accident in Illinois

Published on May 18th, 2019

A car accident can happen in a split second, even when drivers are cautious. If the unexpected does occur, anyone involved is legally obligated to stop regardless of the extent of the damage. When engaging with the other people involved, it’s wise to not admit any responsibility. There are other important steps that can be taken following any type of car accident that may facilitate certain insurance and legal processes.

With car accidents, the top priority is to seek any necessary medical attention and wait for the police to arrive. It’s best not to move involved vehicles unless there is serious danger due to traffic. Even with minor accidents, contacting authorities can provide legal documentation of the accident in the form of a police report. Medical records can also document injuries sustained.

Car accident victims are encouraged to collect as much information about the incident as possible. This includes names and contact info of anyone involved, a description of the other vehicle(s) and related vehicle information. Filing an insurance claim is another step that’s often taken shortly after an accident occurs. Many companies have apps that can be used to immediately submit photos and other essential information.

An attorney can help an automobile accident victim who sustained personal injuries by determining if negligence may have played a role in the incident. If this is the case, some of the information collected immediately after an accident for insurance purposes may also help the lawyer identify negligent parties. For instance, witness information might be used to secure cellphone footage. If another party was at fault, victims could obtain compensation for health care expenses and pain and suffering.

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