U.S. District Court Judge Has Given Preliminary Approval of Settlement In NFL Concussion Case

Published on May 18th, 2019

Approximately 4,500 former professional football players have filed a class action personal injury lawsuit against the National Football League for concussion injuries sustained while playing. After various attempts at a settlement, United States District Court Judge Anita Brody has given her preliminary approval for a historic deal.
Many former NFL players who suffered concussions during their time in the league are currently suffering from neurological and cognitive illnesses such as Lou Gehrig’s disease and Alzheimer’s. Others who have not shown any symptoms to date are at risk to develop these illnesses in the future. Some NFL players have even died as a result of concussions they suffered while playing.

In this case, the original negotiations revolved around an $870 million dollar settlement. Compensatory damages were to be capped at $675 million with the rest of the funds going to testing, research and education as well as attorney’s fees. This cap on compensatory damages was rejected and the NFL agreed to remove it from the settlement. The result is a settlement that both parties are happy with. Without a cap, parties are compensated based on a payment schedule that takes into consideration their age and condition. Players or their families will be compensated at varying amounts up to $4 million dollars. Families of those who died as the result of a concussion will receive the highest compensation.

Some opponents of the settlement are saying that since the NFL has revenues around $10 billion dollars a year that this deal does not provide enough compensation. But, if the class action proceeds to trial it will most likely take years and the plaintiffs will have to prove that their injuries were the result of concussions suffered while playing in the NFL and at no other time. Some, like former Dallas Cowboy Tony Dorsett, say it will never be enough. He has stated that no amount of money can compensate him for the loss of quality of life he will eventually suffer.

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